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PA Cancer Control Plan

Pennsylvania Cancer Control Plan

The 2019-2023 Pennsylvania Cancer Control Plan (Cancer Plan) is a guide for those working in cancer control to prevent the disease, improve early diagnosis, treat all cancer patients with the most appropriate and effective therapies, and improve cancer survivors’ quality of life. The Cancer Plan guides statewide efforts to ensure that resources from state, federal and other sources are targeted to make the greatest impact on Pennsylvania’s cancer burden.

The Cancer Plan presents an accountable framework for cancer control activities. It directs attention and prioritizes efforts to the most preventable cancers, detectable cancers with the highest rates of incidence, new technologies for treating cancer, and the areas of care that can enhance survivorship.

The goals have a measurable baseline and five-year target to establish the direction and scale of impact. Strategies for achieving these targets were selected by the cancer coalition members relevant to Pennsylvania’s systems and resources.


  • Goal 1: Increase access to regular health care for Pennsylvanians.
  • Goal 2: Increase health literacy: Assist Pennsylvanians in comprehending health information and making appropriate health decisions.
  • Goal 3: Increase the number of adolescents ages 11 and 12 who are vaccinated against HPV.
  • Goal 4: Prevent lung cancer by reducing tobacco use and abating radon exposure.
  • Goal 5: Prevent skin cancer.
  • Goal 6: Reduce obesity.
  • Goal 7: Expand liver cancer prevention efforts.
  • Goal 8: Increase breast cancer screening.
  • Goal 9: Increase cervical cancer screening.
  • Goal 10: Increase colorectal cancer screening.
  • Goal 11: Detect lung cancer earlier.
  • Goal 12: Detect prostate cancer earlier.
  • Goal 13: Increase participation in cancer clinical trials.
  • Goal 14: Increase availability of and access to cancer genetic counseling and testing in Pennsylvania.
  • Goal 15: Increase five-year survival rate for Pennsylvanians with cancer.

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Contact Information

  • Division of Cancer Prevention and Control

    Pennsylvania Department of Health

    625 Forster Street, 10th Floor 

    Harrisburg, PA 17120


  • RA-DHCAB_PCC@pa.gov